February 16, 2023

Very congenial, conscientious and experienced pair of workers who Dave entrusted to paint my house. I am very pleased with the results. I could not help but think that with another worker on the job it might have gone faster, but the two guys worked well together and clearly had experience working together – one was agile and was able to easily navigate the somewhat precarious scaffolding and the other handled the tasks closer to the ground and took the time to carefully sand down my weather beaten door before applying primer. Dave and the workers made some excellent suggestions on various aspects of the job.
Dave’s price was reasonable, I believe, and was less than another quote I got and there were no extras. Most communications with Dave were by email, and it may take a while to understand his somewhat cryptic writing, but he was responsive. I let him know that I really wanted the scaffolding taken down ASAP after the paint job was finished, and Dave was able to make that happen even though he later informed me that it sometimes can take a few days.
Not sure when my house will need to be re-painted, but I definitely plan on calling Dave when the time comes.