February 16, 2023

I used to manage a large storage facility on Rollins rd in Burlingame and when water started leaking in the building, we knew the problem was beyond our own abilities. The owner of the property charged me with the process of obtaining estimates and bids, then doing my homework on the companies.

I should point out that the estimates we received ranged between $15,000 and $117,000, which is a HUGE spread… I must have interviewed 15 contractors before we finally settled on Dave and his crew at Pacific Coast. Dave’s price was fair, but what really sold me on Dave was the fact that he actually took some time and looked into our project before quoting us a rate. This gave me confidence that his price was real, and not just some inflated “lets bend these guys over and keep the rest” mark up type deal.

My first impression of Dave was interesting, but then quickly turned VERY GOOD! Here is the deal with Dave…. He gets in there and DOES THE WORK. Sure, he has his team of guys (and it’s a solid team), but Dave signs off on all the work. In our case, Dave actually came back during the rainy season to ensure the work he had done was holding up to everyone’s expectations. Good news: it was.

When I have future painting needs, I will be using Dave… no questions. If you want to know more, feel free to private message me. This guy is good, but more importantly HE IS HONEST!!