February 16, 2023

Our house was in bad need of a paint job. Lots of rotting wood, paint chipping, and lots of cracks all over the place.

My neighbor had their home painted by Dave and referred me. He came by the next day to assess the house and give me a quote.

Scaffolding came up the following week but it rained a bit. After a week, Miguel and Renee came and began fixing up the house. They powerwashed the house, sealed cracks, and got rid of the blemishes. It took 2 weeks which went by really fast and the two of them did an AMAZING job! They were both pleasant, said good morning and were friendly.

Miguel was very kind to make paint color suggestions and asked what colors to use for certain areas like the side door, garage, and front door.

I love the way my house looks and have received compliments from a few neighbors already!

Dave came to the house to see how things were going and came on the final day to make sure everything was done and remove all the garbage from the job.

One thing that I didn’t expect is that they had a porto-potty come with them. This in my opinion was pretty awesome because with Covid, I don’t really want people inside my house and it was nice to know that they had a clean and convenient place to go.