February 16, 2023

Dave and his Foreman Dellis did a fantastic job on my home. They are very quick, very meticulous and very clean. Great Customer service – Friendly, accommodating, and responsive.

Compared to my last paint job, the prep work was much more thorough and detailed. Dave, Dellis, and crew are very professional and knowledgeable about the appropriate materials for the climate in the Sunset.

I can’t say enough about how great an experience this was compared to my last painter who took forever, left a mess, and stiffed the scaffolding company. Working with Pacific coast was like night and day. You could probably find cheaper companies but it’s not worth the headaches.

I would highly recommend Dave, my only advice is to be prepared in advance with your color choices and your ideas on how you want the details painted. They are so busy and efficient that this information is needed quickly. I work full time and couldn’t be available to answer questions immediately so I took photos with added notes and left them for Dellis every morning and he took care of everything and instructed.